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That Barrhaven
is the fastest growing area of the city, just 20 km southwest of Ottawa's downtown core.

Before municipal amalgamation in 2001, Barrhaven was a neighbourhood in the City of Nepean with fewer than 35,000 people. With the many new developments being built, Barrhaven's population will surpass 100,000 in just a few years.



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Thursday 16 July 2015

Canada Day in Barrhaven 2015
It cannot be said enough;thank you Darrell Bartraw and team for all you do for Barrhaven! 
No matter what the weather station may report you can be sure that Darrell calls in his order and what was predicted as just a miserable Canada Day weather-wise was not bad at all.
If you have never been involved in the organization of a large event you won’t know how much work and time goes into it.  In Darrell’s case Canada Day is just one of the several large Barrhaven events he organizes.  Thank you Darrell, take a rest...you deserve it!
If you would like more information about Canada Day, please visit canadadaybarrhaven.blogspot.ca/ .
You can also read Kayla Maduk's story about being a Torch Bearer for the PanAm games at the Barrhaven Canada Day celebration by visiting ikicklikeagirl.com.

Ken Ross Park Renaming Ceremony
Earlier this month, I had the honour of joining the Mayor, Councillor Chiarelli, Kelly Ross and other members of Ken Ross' family to unveil the new sign and plaque that mark the commemorative renaming of the South Nepean Park to Ken Ross Park.
The commemorative renaming ceremony, which took place on July 3rd, saw an incredible turnout. This is no doubt because of Ken himself.
As you all know, in addition to being a loving and devoted husband, father and stepfather, Ken gave generously of himself to his community. Through his community work at Ross’ Your Independent Grocer, Ken and Kelly Ross have poured more than $1 million back into the community.
Ken was a tireless and relentless supporter of local charities, particularly ones that would help local families in need. He was a passionate leader of the Barrhaven Food Cupboard, a founding director of the South Nepean Autism Centre and a member of the board of directors of Oktoberfest Ottawa. He was involved with the Lions Club, the Barrhaven Legion and the Rotary Club. He also contributed to events for Easter Seals, the Make a Wish Foundation, the Santa Claus Parade, the Barrhaven Canada Day festivities, family fun fairs and more.
Ken was a driving force in the Barrhaven business community. He was a founder of the Barrhaven Business Improvement Area in 2006 and served as the organization’s chair from its inception until his passing in March 2015.
During the official renaming ceremony of Ken Ross Park, Ken Ross posthumously received the Mayor's City Builder Award.

A Ken Ross Tribute Gala
The Barrhaven Food Cupboard will be holding a Fundraising Gala Dinner on Thursday, September 24, 2015 in memory of and to honour Ken Ross, a prominent business man, philanthropist and community leader. Proceedsfrom the evening will be donated to the Barrhaven Food Cupboard.

You can purchase tickets at Ross' Independent Grocer, online at www.barrhavenfoodcupboard.ca
or for more information click here.
For corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact David Rattray, Director, Barrhaven Food Cupboard at 613-797-2959.

Brynn Mclennan
As some of you may know, Councillors take turns in having a resident sing the national anthem at City Council. At the last meeting of Council, it was my turn to have a Barrhaven-ite sing for us and this time it was extra special as I had two lovely ladies attend: Brynn and Nayanna.
Brynn McLennan was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at age 12. She is an amazing young woman who has been on a path of learning and discovery that has lead her to stem cell treatments.  Stem Cell Treatments are the hope for people such as Brynn with muscular dystrophy. Stem cells are immature cells that can develop into any cell present in the bloodstream: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other blood components. People whose diseases inhibit their ability to produce these kinds of cells need a transplant of healthy stem cells from a donor in order to survive and function. Brynn has been actively engaged in educating and promoting stem cell awareness and education.
Brynn’s brother Ryan, wrote the beautiful song “I’m Strong” for her about the heart being the strongest muscle and how Brynn’s heart is the strongest one he knows.  He and Brynn created a stunning video that they posted on the Ellen Channel. It is their hope to achieve 10,000 views so that they could be on the Ellen DeGenere’s show to continue their mission for Stem Cell Awareness and Education.  As of last week they were at 7000 views!
Brynn's Mother Terry is a big supporter of Canada's One Match Stem Cell Registry. Fewer than 30 percent of people who require stem cell transplants, find suitable donors in their families. One Match is responsible for finding and matching volunteer donors with patients that require stem cell treatments. Terry works tirelessly to encourage people to become stem cell blood donors so that people, like her daughter, can be given the lifesaving treatments that they need.  She truly believes Stem Cells are the medicine of the future – our bodies healing themselves.
Brynn has asked Nayanna Bhatnagar to sing in her brother’s place at City Council. Nayanna is a 13 year old singer, song writer and guitar player from Barrhaven. She has written over 15 songs and performs at various venues around Ottawa. Nayanna’s music coach is Tammy Raybould, who teaches out of the Hummingbird Music School in Barrhaven. Nayanna was on a  TV show  last summer called The Next Star on YTV and made it to the top 12 out of 4000 kids across Canada.
Nayanna sang beautifully at Council and Brynn blew everyone away with her story.

Dundonald Drive Closure
Please note that Dundonald Drive from River Mist Road to Bluegill Avenue will be closed until Friday, 28 August 2015.
The contractor, Taggart Construction Ltd., is working on behalf of Mattamy Homes (Half Moon Bay) to replace the existing sanitary, storm and watermains for Phase 2 and 3.
No formal detour is required. Local and emergency vehicle access will be maintained. The impact to traffic is expected to be low.

Lane reductions on Fallowfield Road
If you weren't already aware, Fallowfield Road from Larkin Drive to Cedarview Road was reduced to one lane in each direction to allow the installation of a higher capacity watermain. The work is planned to continue until September.
Larkin Road will be closed at its Fallowfield intersection during off-peak hours on weekdays for the entire construction period.
This project is one of many in the South Urban Community that address higher demand for water due to urban growth.
The work may cause traffic delays; motorists are encouraged to take an alternate route if possible.
Cyclists will be affected in the same way as vehicles unless they dismount and walk their bikes. Access for pedestrians through the Larkin/Fallowfield intersection will be provided.
The watermain upgrade on Fallowfield Road is an Ottawa on the Move project. Ottawa on the Move is about keeping our community and economy moving forward through strategic investments in a number of transportation, water, and sewer projects to build a better city and create jobs.
For more information about the construction activity happening across the city, or for information about traffic and travel planning, please visit ottawa.ca

Bus schedule in Half Moon Bay and Stonebridge
I would take this opportunity to advise you of some upcoming changes to the bus schedule in Half Moon Bay for September 2015.
In September, OCTranspo staff are proposing a seamless link between the Route 177 northbound trips with the Route 95 eastbound trips. Essentially, this means that customers from Half Moon Bay will not need to change buses at Fallowfield to continue downtown, as they currently do.
After the bus leaves Half Moon Bay, the bus will be re-signed as a Route 95 at Barrhaven Centre.
Unfortunately, while reviewing opportunities to provide direct trip during the morning, staff also reviewed options to provide a direct return trip from downtown to HMB during the afternoon, but do not have additional resources for new bus trips from downtown. Direct trips from downtown to HMB would have to be provided with existing resources, such as linking Route 177 trips with select Routes 95 trips as will be done during the morning. However, this would be unsatisfactory from a customer and operational perspective. Specific Route 95 trips from downtown could be linked to Route 177 trips at Barrhaven Centre; however, this scenario makes customers travelling to HMB vulnerable to being unable to board the specific Route 95 trips downtown. This is due to heavy customer volumes through the downtown area on Route 95. Route 95 is very frequent and when trips are overloaded, the subsequent trip picks up the remaining customers, when necessary. The problem being that the next 95 trip would not necessarily be linked to Route 177, meaning longer wait times for HMB customers. Furthermore, with so many Route 95 trips operating during peak hours, it can be difficult for customers to identify the specific Route 95 trip travelling to HMB.
This linked connection works in the morning because HMB customers do not need to make a choice. They can board any northbound Route 177 trip and it will take them downtown. However, when you are downtown there is a westbound Route 95 every three minutes. Choices become much more complicated and prone to error. As well, if Route 95 has unexpected delays through downtown, this would impact service within HMB community. For this reason and given that there are no additional resources for new bus trips from downtown, HMB customers will continue to have the most efficient and reliable trip home by taking any Route 95 trip from downtown to connect to Route 177 at Barrhaven Centre, as today.
Hopefully, the time saved in the morning will help. As many of you know, I work continually with OCTranspo staff to find ways to improve service in Barrhaven and will continue to do so.
For more information about your bus route, please visit OCTranspo.com.

Barrhaven Senior's Centre
Are you looking to connect with other older adults 55+ in Barrhaven? 
The Barrhaven Senior's Centre has over 200 members from your community, and continues to grow.  Everyone is welcome to join any or all events. Beginning in September 2015, programs will be offered five days per week, on Monday to Friday at 1 PM to 4 PM.
For more information about the Barrhaven Seniors Centre, please email Don Winchester at chipchip@rogers.com or call 613-440-3620.

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 641 Barrhaven Ninth Annual Golf Tournament
It is time to sign up for this year's Ninth Annual Branch 641 Golf Tournament at Cedarhill Golf and Country Club Friday August 14th, 2015. Sign up and get your tickets at the Early Bird prices before August 1st.
For more information please visit contact Randy O'Reilly at randy.oreilly@sympatico.ca

Are you an ACE Ambassador?
Your west-end Councillors -- myself, Councillor Rick Chiarelli, Councillor Keith Egli, Councillor Eli El-Chantiry, Councillor Allan Hubley, Councillor Shad Qadri, Councillor Mark Taylor and Councillor Marianne Wilkinson -- are asking you to take this urgent opportunity to become an ACE Ambassador.
An ACE Ambassador is someone who supports the Queensway Carleton Hospital's Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) Unit project. The ACE Unit is the first of its kind in the Ottawa-area and the second in Ontario specializing in holistic geriatric care of our most fragile population. It will be an inpatient medical unit where comprehensive care of older patients, 65 years and above, is provided by a specialized inter-professional team of healthcare and social science professionals. The care focus is not only on treating a patient's medical illnesses but also on maintaining their independence, trying to prevent the loss of physical abilities and development of mental health problems. The ACE team will work pro-actively to address these issues, which older patients are at a higher risk of developing during a stay in hospital.
The overall funding requirement for the ACE Unit is almost $12 million. The province has already contributed close to $9 million. It's up to our community ambassador's to raise the remainder.
Queensway Carleton Hospital (QCH) serves one of the fastest aging populations in Canada. Over 70% of their medical in-patients are over the age of 65. By 2031 it is projected that over 1 in 5 people in the City of Ottawa will be older than the age of 65. We are asking each west-end household to donate $30 to ensure all residents and their family members have access to the specialized resources they need.
Your donation will help Queensway Carleton Hospital provide care that will lead to:

  • Fewer falls
  • Reduced delirium
  • Less functional decline at discharge
  • More patients returning home

I hope you will join your City Councillors, and become an ACE Ambassador today to help complete the ACE Unit at Queensway Carleton Hospital and show the world the Nepean/Barrhaven you represent truly cares.
You can do so by visiting www.ace.qchfoundation.ca, calling 613-721-4731 or emailing qchfound@qch.on.ca to make your important donation.



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