What has (councillor) Jan Harder done for Barrhaven?
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Did you know?
That Barrhaven
is the fastest growing area of the city, just 20 km southwest of Ottawa's downtown core.

Before municipal amalgamation in 2001, Barrhaven was a neighbourhood in the City of Nepean with fewer than 35,000 people. With the many new developments being built, Barrhaven's population will surpass 100,000 in just a few years.



Upcoming Events

Barrhaven Santa Claus Parade 
November 23rd, 2014
5:30 P.M.

The Barrhaven Lions Club 14th Annual Santa Claus Parade is set to take place on Sunday November 23rd, 2014. The parade runs down Strandherd Drive, starting at Beatrice Drive and ending at the park n ride, where it turns north for dispersal.For more information, please click here.


Grand opening of the Minto Recreation Complex -- Barrhaven
November 29th, 2014
10 a.m.

On Saturday November 29th, 2014 we will be holding an offical opening ceremony for the new Minto Recreation Complex -- Barrhaven.

More details will be posted as soon as available.




Minto Recreation Complex
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